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Shray is a contemporary American sculptor.

At age fifteen, Shray discovered the Greek sculpture, Winged Victory, at the Louvre in Paris and declared to her mother that she was to become a sculptor. She began her formal classical training with a full scholarship at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and continued her studies at the San Francisco Art Institute with a full grant. For eight years, Shray mentored with Italy's Piero Mussi, founder of the internationally renowned Mussi Artworks Foundry of Berkeley, California.

Bronze sculptor, Shray, is one of the few working artists today who employs the subtractionist technique, where the artist finds the form in the clay as opposed to adding clay to an armature. Much like the technique of carving, Shray works with lines and shadows of the block, thoughtfully eliminating material from the block as she sculpts. Her simplicity of form has been compared to that of Henry Moore, Rodin and Brancusi.

Over the past 25 years, Shray’s work has received both national and international recognition in the form of awards and commissions. Shray’s bronze sculpture, Raising Tomorrow’s Olympic Champions was juried to travel throughout China and the world as one of the top selections of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China. Based on the success of this juried exhibition, Shray became the recipient of the 5 Rings Award at the Fourth Annual Beijing 2008 Cultural Festival.

Shray是一位当代美国雕塑家。 十五岁时,Shray在巴黎的卢浮宫发现了希腊雕塑Winged Victory,并向她的母亲宣布她将成为一名雕塑家。她在旧金山艺术学院获得了全额奖学金,并在旧金山艺术学院继续学习并获得全额奖学金。八年来,Shray一直与意大利的Piero Mussi合作,后者是加利福尼亚州伯克利国际知名的Mussi Artworks Foundry的创始人。 青铜雕塑家Shray是今天为数不多的采用减法技术的艺术家之一,艺术家在粘土中找到了这种形式,而不是将粘土添加到电枢中。就像雕刻技术一样,Shray使用块的线条和阴影,在她雕刻时仔细地消除了块体中的材料。她的形式简洁与亨利摩尔,罗丹和布朗库西的形式相比。 在过去的25年里,Shray的作品以奖励和佣金的形式获得了国内和国际的认可。作为2008年中国北京奥运会的最佳选择之一,Shray的青铜雕塑,Raising Tomorrow的奥运冠军被评选为在中国和世界各地旅行。在此次展览成功举办的基础上,Shray成为第四届北京2008年文化节五环奖的获得者。

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