Tim Klein


A native of Tacoma, Washington, Tim Klein is a photographer based in Chicago, Illinois. The foundation of Klein’s artistic practice is rooted in journalism photography. His career spans almost twenty years. Klein exhibits in Chicago’s River North Gallery District and he has been published internationally and nationally in newspapers and magazines such as New York Times, The New Yorker, Esquire, The Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian Magazine, Time Out, Variety Magazine, Out Magazine, Wired Japan, W Magazine, Reader’s Digest, National Geographic, and Forbes, among others. Klein’s photography is located in the collections of DeGroot Fine Art Acquistions, The Draper, Flats Studios, Chicago Department of Transportation, The Otis, Terrell Place, Presence Health Chicago, and The Ardus, among others.

Klein approaches contemporary photography with an awareness of the power the photograph possesses in documenting an ever-changing world. Preserving the sublime qualities of nature, the humbling scale of forests and mountains for generations to come. Klein has an eye for ephemeral beauty, such as the dreamy fog that brushes high altitudes and slips away in a mist. Klein’s photograph titled Mountain Mist was taken on the winding Inca trails through the Andean mountains in Peru.


Tim Klein 是华盛顿州塔科马人,是伊利诺伊州芝加哥市的一名摄影师。克莱因艺术实践的基础植根于新闻摄影。他的职业生涯跨越了近二十年。克莱因在芝加哥的北河画廊区展出,并在纽约时报、纽约客、时尚先生、华尔街日报、史密森尼杂志、超时、综艺杂志、Out 杂志、连线等报纸和杂志上发表过国际和国内文章日本、W 杂志、读者文摘、国家地理和福布斯等。 Klein 的摄影作品位于 DeGroot Fine Art Acquistions、The Draper、Flats Studios、芝加哥交通部、The Otis、Terrell Place、Presence Health Chicago 和 The Ardus 等公司的收藏中。

克莱因意识到照片在记录不断变化的世界方面所具有的力量来处理当代摄影。为子孙后代保护大自然的崇高品质,森林和山脉的壮丽规模。克莱恩对转瞬即逝的美有着敏锐的洞察力,比如掠过高空、飘散在薄雾中的梦幻雾气。 Klein 的名为 Mountain Mist 的照片是在穿越秘鲁安第斯山脉的蜿蜒印加小径上拍摄的。



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