Usova Daria

Daria Usova was born in Baltic, city Königsberg, 1986.

«Rorschach Cards» Series is based on a famous Rorschach diagnostic technique, developed by Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach (1884—1922). This test is widely used in psychiatry to examine a person’s personality characteristics, emotional functioning and disorders.

The whole point is that the test subject is required to give an interpretation of the inkblots. Each of blots has near perfect bilateral symmetry and each figure it forms serve as an object for free association – a person pronounces any spontaneous ideas, images and words emerging in mind. What the individual sees in the inkblot is determined by person’s personality characteristics, according to the conception on which this test based on. Daria Usova represents her author’s interpretation of The Rorschach test. Everybody will be able to see something personal, to take a look into the inside him- or herself and try to analyze private thoughts and feelings.

Daria Usova于1986年出生于波士顿,Königsberg市。 «Rorschach Cards»系列基于着名的Rorschach诊断技术,由瑞士精神病学家Hermann Rorschach(1884-1922)开发。该测试广泛用于精神病学,以检查一个人的个性特征,情绪功能和障碍。 重点是测试对象需要对墨点进行解释。每个印迹都具有接近完美的双边对称性,并且它形成的每个图形都作为自由联想的对象 - 一个人发出任何自发的想法,图像和文字出现在脑海中。根据该测试所依据的概念,个人在墨迹中看到的是由人的个性特征决定的。 Daria Usova代表了她的作者对The Rorschach测试的解释。每个人都能看到个人的东西,看看他或她自己的内心,并尝试分析私人的想法和感受。