Victor Vasarely

Victor Vasarely (1906-1997) was born in Pecs (Hungary). He began studying medicine, left these courses and joined the fine art (1927-1929), then the Bauhaus of Budapest where he became the pupil of Sandor Bortnyik. His first personal exhibition was organized in Budapest in 1930, this same year he settled down in Paris.

During a first period, Vasarely created a plastic alphabet whose infinite combinations had to give birth to an “intellectual and methodical art”. He gradually gave up the applied arts and was interested in an abstract pictorial creation. Between 1935 and 1947, Vasarel painted with a more classical representation, portraits, still lives and landscapes. Later he created a set of works about Belle-Isle-en-Mer and the artist wanted to show the internal geometry in the nature. He wrote the “Yellow Manifesto” in 1955 in which he defined the kineticArt. The compositions were more and more elaborated, compositions where geometrical elements were united together, fitted together, switched around, to get closer to the cellular structure.

In 1965, Victor Vasarely participated to the exhibition “Responsive Eye” (New York) wich dedicated the optical Art (Op Art). The man was interested in the physics, in the architecture, in the industry and wanted his universal language. In 1976, he created his foundation in Aix-en-Provence, and drew a building that concretized his conception of the art in the town. Vasarely set up a contemporary art center and a meeting and search lavatory for artists, architects and engineers. He has been celebrated in the biggest museums of the world.

Victor Vasarely died in 1997 in Annet-sur-Marne (France).

Victor Vasarely(1906-1997)出生於佩奇(匈牙利)。他開始學習醫學,離開了這些課程並加入了美術(1927-1929),然後是布達佩斯的包豪斯,在那裡他成為了Sandor Bortnyik的學生。他的第一次個人展覽於1930年在布達佩斯舉辦,同年他在巴黎定居。 在第一個時期,瓦薩雷利創造了一個塑料字母表,其無限組合必須產生一種“知識和有條理的藝術”。他逐漸放棄了應用藝術,並對抽象的圖畫創作感興趣。在1935年至1947年間,瓦薩雷爾畫了一個更古典的代表,肖像,靜物和風景。後來,他創作了一系列關於Belle-Isle-en-Mer的作品,藝術家希望展示自然界中的內部幾何。他於1955年撰寫了“黃色宣言”,並在其中定義了kineticArt。該組合物越來越精細,幾何元素結合在一起,裝配在一起,轉換,以更接近細胞結構的組合物。 1965年,Victor Vasarely參加了“響應眼”(紐約)展覽,該展覽致力於光學藝術(歐普藝術)。這個人對物理學,建築學,業界感興趣,並且想要他的通用語言。 1976年,他在普羅旺斯地區艾克斯(Aix-en-Provence)創立了自己的基金會,並畫了一座建築,使他對該鎮藝術的概念具體化。瓦薩雷利為藝術家,建築師和工程師建立了一個當代藝術中心和一個會議和搜索衛生間。他曾在世界上最大的博物館中慶祝過。 Victor Vasarely於1997年在Annet-sur-Marne(法國)去世。