Victor Wong

Victor Wong is a Chinese artist. Based in Hong Kong.

His art work stretches across paintings, sculptures, technology, visual effects, movies and digital rendering.

Because of his family religion business, most of his work aim to blend new technology with Chinese philosophy about nature. He studied Electrical Engineering, was exposed to the cultural climate in North America and graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle in 1989. Since early 90's, Victor has been aware of his cultural vision in pioneering the emerging creative media and engaged with the exploration of digital art in the film industry. Victor once served as digital media consultant for Hong Kong Cyberport and Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications and was awarded as one of Hong Kong’s 10 most outstanding young persons in 2005. He was renowned for his visionary treatment of unparalleled beauty to visual effects design for movies. He had developed visual effects treatment for over 100 feature films. His work won numerous International Design Awards including The New York Festival Award, Tokyo JIAA Advertising Award, Hong Kong Film Awards and The Golden Horse Awards.

In 2015, after creating the 3D Ink Animation for the Hong Kong Jockey Club, he found his way to create new media ink art using 3D digital technology. Victor is now focusing on his digital volumetric ink work and promoting this new form of ink painting through state-of-the-art imagery using different medium. In merely 3 years, he has conducted 4 solo exhibitions in Hong Kong Art Centre and Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and participate 14 group exhibitions in Hong Kong and China.

Victor Wong是一位中国艺术家。总部设在香港。 他的艺术作品延伸到绘画,雕塑,技术,视觉效果,电影和数字渲染。 由于他的家庭宗教事务,他的大部分工作旨在将新技术与中国自然哲学相结合。他学习电气工程,接触过北美的文化氛围,并于1989年毕业于西雅图的华盛顿大学。自90年代初以来,Victor一直意识到他在开拓新兴创意媒体和参与探索中的文化愿景。电影业的数字艺术。 Victor曾担任香港数码港及香港学术及职业资历评审局的数码媒体顾问,并于2005年被评为香港十大杰出青年之一。他以其对视觉无与伦比的美丽有远见卓识而闻名。电影效果设计。他为100多部故事片制作了视觉效果处理方法。他的作品获得了众多国际设计奖,包括纽约节奖,东京JIAA广告奖,香港电影奖和金马奖。 2015年,在为香港赛马会创作3D水墨动画后,他找到了使用3D数码技术创作新媒体水墨艺术的方法。 Victor现在专注于他的数字体积墨水工作,并通过使用不同介质的最先进的图像来推广这种新形式的水墨画。仅仅3年时间,他就在香港艺术中心和香港会议展览中心举办了4个个展,并在香港和中国参加了14个集体展览。