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Darryll Schiff is an internationally recognized contemporary artist with work in many of the leading museums including the Art Institute of Chicago, Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, among other prominent institutions and private collections. 

Darryll Schiff is one of Chicago's most influential artists. Schiff pushes the boundaries of what photography can do; using the camera as a tool to paint with, bend and use abstractly rather than as a form of documentation. 

Darryll Schiff is one of Chicago’s most prominent artists, and he is only gaining momentum. Schiff was honored in 2016 to be selected among other local and international artists at the top of their field to showcase work in Chicago’s famed Wabash Arts Corridor. An important moment in Schiff’s career was donating his mural “Descending to Heaven” to the city of Chicago. Descending to Heaven is 24x56 feet. The illumination and location of Schiff’s mural has made it one of Chicago’s most prominent works of public art. 

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