BOCCARA ART unveils special virtual art series titled 'Everything & Art', featuring artists and culture influencers, December 2020



MIAMI, 1 December, 2020: BOCCARA ART today announces the December launch of their new virtual art series titled'Everything & Art', which showcases artists and art influencers in intimate and far-ranging conversation like never before.  It has been developed by founder and CEO, Liubov Belousova, to create a forum for art lovers to reconnect with the art and artists they love. The series also comes at a time when art collectors and lovers are receptive to new, technology-driven art experiences as a result of the disruptions to the traditional art calendar due to covid-19 restrictions. 


Founded in 2007 to showcase modern and contemporary art, BOCCARA ART has had remarkable success over the years, earning it a prized place in Miami's vibrant art scene and a dedicated global following. Today, its reach has extended far beyond Miami's shores with showrooms in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Monterrey (Mexico) and representatives in other important art markets like Monaco, Seoul, and Moscow.


Set in BOCCARA ART’s beautiful Miami gallery and filmed in front of an audience of guests, the new series will be hosted by the gallery's Art Director, Agata Gotova, a seasoned actress, producer and interviewer whose outgoing personality and love for the arts has seen her engage art and culture lovers on air and off. Being at the helm of 'Everything & Art' will be familiar terrain for the multi-talented Art Director whose task it will be to actualize the vision behind the series.


The talks promise to be a uniquely inspiring virtual art experience, engaging with artists in ways that provide audiences a glimpse into their inner world, their approach art, and their take on pressing contemporary issues. The opening instalment will be released on December 10 and features iconic photo-mosaic storyteller, Robin Austin, who recreates moments from the lives of popular culture icons using carefully researched photographs as mosaics, with many more planned in 2021.


The rich universe of popular culture icons is Austin's inspiration, his works include Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Audrey Hepburn, the Beatles, Prince, Michael Jackson, Mohammed Ali, and many more. There's always more to see in his portraits. Each close look reveals more pictures and more moments seemingly concealed within the larger picture. For this reason, the same work reveals new details and acquires new significance with each new encounter. 


'Everything & Art' with Robin Austin explores how he captures moments and harnesses cultural emotionality rendering this in his emotive portraits. It discusses his unique style of portraiture redefines the idea that culture is both made and enacted, and that consequently, it is all but impossible to see a moment in the life of a cultural icon without also seeing the myriad moments that gave rise to it and some of the ones that have emerged from it. 


Commenting on the upcoming launch of 'Everything & Art’, BOCCARA ART’S CEO, Liubov Belousova, said, "We are boldly exploring new ideas to enable us continue to making art accessible to our local and global collectors and audiences. We already offer virtual gallery tours and exhibitions, but really we felt we had to do more for our fans here in Miami because so many great art events like Art Basel Miami, Art Miami, and CONTEXT Art Miami, have been cancelled due to covid-19 restrictions.


She added, "That’s why we have developed 'Everything & Art', and hope people will enjoy the inaugural talk with our new Art Director, Agata, in conversation with Robin Austin. They explore some really interesting concepts around art and the pandemic, look forward to the new presidency, and explore the future of the art market in Miami in 2021, and beyond "


For more details about the forthcoming series 'Everything & Art' or to request to be part of the guest audience please contact emmalouise@elobrands.com.

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