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BOCCARA ART Miami Gallery | Healing Art by Guido Oakley

Also on view at the Gallery: Jim Dine, Jules Olitski, Wang Keping, Hyun Ae Kang, Evelyne Brader-Frank, Antonio Segui, Kim Seungwoo, Cha Yun Sook, Raul Varnerin, Victor Vasarely, Fernandez Arman

Guido Oakley (London, UK) is a modern imaginative artist who uses exotic materials such as precious metals, gemstones, crystals and resin to create timeless works of art and radical creations in sculpture. Creating a “Whole” new experience for the body and mind, bringing together the fusion of exquisite sculpture and the undeniably beauty and transforming abilities of crystals and precious stones thus giving birth to the very first of its kind “Healing Art”.

Studies show that crystals can help with physical, mental and emotional recovery on many levels, particularly by relieving anxiety, reducing stress, neutralising negativity, removing blockages and stimulating the clearest state of mind attainable, where all thoughts entering the consciousness come from the source and are direct reflections of pure spirit. Crystals affect the brain and stimulate organism for self-recovering, while simultaneously balancing our chakras and energies.

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BOCCARA ART Manhattan presents Yu Lanying as part of ASIA WEEK New York 2020

Ink paintings by Yu LanYing (Lavinia Yu), 1943

Yu LanYing is a leading female figure in Chinese contemporary ink painting. She employs the use of Chinese ink and mixed media on rice paper to create entirely original work. Her paintings reflect the accomplishments of a seasoned master indebted to the riches of traditional Chinese painting and experimentation with western abstract expressionism. She inherited the former as a child, when she began working at the age of seven under the tutelage of Huang JunBi and Gao YiHong among other masters of Chinese painting in Taiwan. After thirty years of study and work in the United States, Yu internalized the latter. The result has been a body of work whose abstraction evolves with the continuum of her experiences of Chinese and American culture.

Yu has exhibited extensively in the United States, China and Taiwan. She is best known for her works that explore her love for the ocean. The underwater landscapes inspire Yu to extend her soul onto paper with a combination of ink, color and texture, allowing the viewer into the private space of her spiritual journey.


BOCCARA ART Brooklyn Gallery presents Kim Jeong-Yeon as part of ASIA WEEK New York 2020

Spotlight on Korean Artists - Kim Jeong Yeon, Kim Seungwoo, Hyun Ae Kang

BOCCARA ART Brooklyn Gallery features work by Kim Jeong Yeon - a contemporary conceptual painter and installation artist, based in Seoul, South Korea, recognized for her installations which fuse together natural energies of her homeland with an explosive expressionism and calligraphy filtered through conceptual installations.


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